Computers and Spycraft

Nov 6, 2010 at 4:24 AM

So me and my whole clan here have and use our laptops during our gaming session.  We all have purchased the PDFs and print editions for the most part and often use our laptop, netbook, or tablet as a spycraft ebook.  How many of you use laptops when  you play?  How does the idea of actually using your laptop for roleplay sound?  If it sounds interesting to you, then you're in luck as that's what this application is all about.  Log in to the central CORE computer using your agent credentials and get your email, try to gain greater access (but don't get caught or you could be in serious problems).

Laptops or no laptops?  Palmpilots, ipods and ipads...who brings it or who would rather leave it to pen and paper?